Our very first ALL TAPE Feature. If you enjoy seeing a beautiful woman, caught and held in layers of binding tape - silenced by a mask of sticky gag - THIS IS FOR YOU!

After weeks on the road with the team, sports medicine specialist Diane Brewster (
VICTORIA VEGA) returns home to be met by a sadistic intruder who decides to spend the long weekend with his new "prize"......
Using the tools of Diane's trade - plus his own filthy handkerchief as a mouth filler - this creep wraps, releases and rewraps the sultry beauty in roll after roll of the unyielding tape, Each position a little more painful than the last and every one accompanied by a mouth filled with cloth and those full lips sealed tightly shut....
Unable to get much air in her lungs, Diane weakens with each passing hour and soon is unable to put up any resistance as her captor seals her in more adhesive bondage - right down to her fingers & toes!
Before being left bound and silent, Diane is tortured by having to drag her naked body across the rough floor in a fruitless attempt to seek freedom. By the time she is done, the poor girl has barely the strength to moan into the now-wet cloth filling her mouth as her captor empties the girl's purse and flees.....
This is our FIRST BINDHER DIRECTOR'S CUT DVD. It is TOTALLY recut and redited with new footage and extra features never before seen including BINDHER'S GREATEST TAPE GAGS and Sneak Previews Of Other BINDHER DVDs.

TRAPPED IN TAPE is a TWO HOUR DVD in Digital VHS color & sound. This film contains on screen tying, gagging, and nudity. You must be 18 years of age to order.
Just $39.95
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