TINA KRAUSE in this epic length (over 100 minutes) series of vignettes that were designed for the GAG SNOBS of the world. Each story has one, two or more stifling, choking, silencing GAGS applied onscreen to keep TINA very, very quiet......
•• In DOUBLE CROSS, A young girl and her partner disagree on just how their robbery should go - an argument that she loses in a BIG way

•• Tina is an office worker who stepped on the guy in the next cubicle once too often. He knocks her out and uses her own desk supplies to keep her under wraps

••  In KEEPING HER QUIET, two bad guys try to outdo themselves in keeping their captive quiet. Gag after gag is stuffed into her poor mouth & layered over and over her lips. Balls, cloth, bandages, tape - she gets it ALL

••  Tina's roommate decides that drugging, tying & gagging her is the best way to keep her all to herself!

•• In PACKING HER UP, a runaway finds out that Special Delivery can be very BAD when you are the parcel - chloroformed, gagged & packed up

•• As a young girl in today's dating scene, she played innocent once too often and now she's caught between a jilted lover and a pervert willing to pay for his chance to play. Too bad that a huge ball gag is keeping her from voicing her protests

•• Finally, in a feature length finale, a young lady's bedroom becomes her prison when it's invaded by a maniacal intruder. Her best attempts to escape just prompt him to add more ropes to her nude body and MORE gags to her pleading lips! Finally she is left pinned to her bed by tight bindings and a cruel crotch rope - causing her to moan even more into the layers of cloth gagging her mouth!

 THIS ONE HAS IT ALL - Chloroforming, ball gags, wrap gags, taped lips, mouth stuffing (even by the damsel herself!), ropes, belts, tight hand gags and much more - ALL DONE ON SCREEN!

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THAT'S A MOUTHFULL is an epic length (over 100 minute) video in VHS color & sound. This film contains on screen tying, gagging and some nudity. You must be 18 years of age to order. THAT'S A MOUTHFULL is $34.95 which includes U.S. PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING All Major Credit Cards as well as Money Orders & Checks accepted International Air Mail Please Add $5.00