IN YOUR HOME OR AT YOUR JOB - it could happen anywhere. One moment you are safe - the next you are delivered into the hands of cruel intruders bent on keeping you VERY still and VERY quiet!

IN OUR FIRST STORY - MIA COPIA and VICTORIA VEGA are college girls forced to give up a Saturday night doing late night inventory at the bookstore on campus. Two robbers add some unexpected danger to their evening when they grab the women and force them to reveal the whereabouts of the store safe
Inv0912.jpg inv093.jpg Inv096.jpg Inv105.jpg Inv097.jpg Inv098.jpg
First girl grabbed! Now call your friend... BE QUIET - you'll talk when I tell you! This will make sure of it! GRPGHHH- I'm choking! That looks so tight - can she breathe? Worry about yourself!
Inv099.jpg Inv108.jpg Inv104.jpg Inv107.jpg Inv110.jpg Inv116.jpg
Now about that safe! There's no way we're talking! So then your friend gets it first! Let's tighten that gag PLEASE - tell them, these ropes hurt so much! Passed out from the pain
Inv111.jpg inv119.jpg inv113.jpg Inv118.jpg Inv121.jpg inv122.jpg
MPGHHH-I can't breathe - ok, I'll tell you! Now - while they are busy - let's try & get away Oh God - did they hear us?? They're coming! Caught & retied Suspended and exposed!
NEXT, JEWEL is a young woman who feels her boyfriend is staying out late too many nights. She decides to put a scare into him by faking a robbery. She convinces her leggy, red-headed neighbor, SEAN McBRIDE {in her BindHer Debut!} to tape her to a chair. SEAN happily complies, stuffing her pal's mouth for extra "effect". Left in her tape cocoon, the little blonde waits - but it's the wrong man who arrives. Instead of her lover, it's a street creep who has marked her apartment for a robbery. Untied, retied - gagged - spread eagle and tortured with both a vibrator and clothes pins - it is a LONG night for JEWEL. Help arrives in the form of SEAN, but it is just minutes before the redhead is grabbed, stripped and forced to accept a mouth-stuffing from her reluctant neighbor. Once the girls are silenced, the deviant takes his sweet time wrapping them in MOUNDS of rope & tape. On their flat bellies, hog tied into painful bows, JEWEL & SEAN choke on the wads of rag pressed into their mouths by biting, pinching tape circling their heads. Their only form of communication are tear-filled eyes - watching and waiting for what comes next.....
Inv037.jpg inv040.jpg Inv068.jpg Inv069.jpg Inv072.jpg Inv073.jpg
Ok, now tape up my lips  Put on lots of tape - so he won't suspect  Oh no - WHO ARE YOU?  Please don't kill me!  I'll do anythi..MMMMM  Panties in my mouth? Please no 
Inv076.jpg Inv079.jpg Inv078.jpg Inv082.jpg Inv084.jpg
MPGHH-That hurts!  Alone & quiet No way she's going anywhere! Weak and dizzy Time for something new, sweetie! Let's get those lips shut
Inv085.jpg Inv088.jpg Inv090.jpg Inv041.jpg inv047.jpg Inv042.jpg
More tape? NOOOOO! On the bed, a helpless toy  NOT THERE-please NOT THERE! Welcome to the party, "Red" Let's shut you up! Put her panties in there first!
Inv043.jpg Inv045.jpg inv046.jpg inv044.jpg Inv048.jpg Inv051.jpg
 Breathe through your nose, honey! Ok-Blondie, tape her mouth Press it tight! MMMMM... And now it's YOUR turn! Don't fight me!
inv050.jpg Inv055.jpg Inv053.jpg Inv057.jpg Inv064.jpg Inv066.jpg
Next the tape!?    Ladies, on your knees What is he going to do now? I can't feel my fingers this is all YOUR fault! When I get loose - you're gonna pay!
Inv056.jpg Inv058.jpg Inv067.jpg Inv062.jpg Inv065.jpg Inv054.jpg
 That should hold you little ladies GHPHHH...please just go!  He even taped our TOES! Wait - I think he's gone? Try and make some noise!? Someone PLEASE help us!
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