Introducing ANGEL SKYE - a young woman who finds the idea of bondage "weird" and unappealing when her boyfriend suggests some Christmas Eve love games. Left alone on the night before Christmas, ANGEL is attacked by three intruders - each with a mission all their own....

This MASTER Of BONDAGE Past harkens back to the days of House Of Milan
& the great Bishop - trussing ANGEL to a chair and tightly gagging her
then stripping her, regagging and tying her into her in a strict hogtie...

Much to her dismay, ANGEL is next attacked by a MISCREANT Of BONDAGE Present - a chloroform loving menace carrying ball gags & plug gags - and with a plan to use the young girl's body for a less than joyous purpose....

ANGEL's final visitor comes dressed as Jolly Ol' Saint Nick, but his visit is less than merry as the helpless lass is taught the TRUE meaning of a "silent night" as one of the most intricate and mouth filling gags ever filmed is applied on screen. ANGEL writhes, twists and snorts - but there is no escape from this choking "gift".
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THE KNOT BEFORE CHRISTMAS is an epic length (over 90 minutes) digital video on DVD
This film contains on screen tying, gagging and some nudity.
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