FINALLY, the first TIED & TRUE video that is modeled after this very website - Smoking and Bondage play important parts in...
Beautiful VICTORIA VEGA is Diane, a young business woman who has the unfortunate luck to have her hotel room invaded by a desperate escaped criminal. Now, she has a long weekend ahead of her - forced to stay very secure and quiet by her frightened captor. To calm her nerves, Diane is allowed to smoke, but still kept tightly bound...
Keeping a woman bound & quiet in a busy hotel is no easy feat, and Diane is forced to endure several mouth stuffing gags as well as being stripped and bound in a tight hogtie. At one point, the captor stumbles upon a strong, intoxicating drug which he mixes with tobacco and forces Diana to smoke in a man's pipe (twice) while tied hand & foot....
Things heat up when Diane's associate, Kim, comes by - but the tiny oriental beauty is no match for the frantic convict and both girls endure a miserable bathroom tie-up and are then left bed-bound with their mouth's stuffed, cleaved and wrapped in tight bandages.
ANGEL SKYE is a chain-smoking, New York housewife who tries to put one over on her husband and the insurance folks by hiring an ex-lover to steal her jewels. This guy and his buddies decide to take more than just the rings - and ANGEL ends up with her mouth stuffed and her ample body tied to a hard chair. Soon she is taped up, wrapped up and on her way to bringing these creeps a very nice profit.
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CHAINED SMOKER is an epic length (over 90 minutes) digital video in VHS color & sound. This film contains on screen tying, gagging , smoking and some nudity. You must be 18 years of age to order.
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