In cooperation with Stroke Of Genius Productions
we are proud to present our first
We know there are plenty of bondage CDs to choose from. That is exactly why we waited until now to give you something UNLIKE anything else you will ever see.

JEWEL IN BONDAGE stars our own JEWEL - in and out of the kind on bondage you expect from BINDHER.

There are over 350 HIGH QUALITY images on the CD. Over 275 exclusively of Jewel plus a bonus selection of Victoria Vega, Natalia Ashe, Mia Copia, Sean McBride, and Julie Simone.

Every picture has been carefully (and lovingly) chosen, cropped and color corrected to provide the best looking image(s) possible.

We didn't just download them from the camera direct to CD.

This is not the same 'ol stuff you find on the 'net.

This CD features the COMPLETE collection of the photo shoots
"Jewel And The Bomb" and "The Rope Is Out There"

Plus the complete collection of
Mia Copia and Natalia Ashe in "After School Bondage"

Take a look at a few samples......

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JEWEL IN BONDAGE is a computer compact disc with over 350 high quality images in both color & (some black & white). It is formatted for both Macintosh and IBM users.

You must be 18 years of age to order.


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