Starring JEWEL and A.J. KAHN as Police Officers - caught in a trap with no escape!

Officer Katherine O'Shea (JEWEL) speaks before a room full of police cadets - sharing with them her experiences on the force and hoping that from her mistakes, they will be better officers. She relates how a simple insurance investigation put her in the hands of a smuggler who drugs the blonde, stripping her of her uniform and tightly binding & gagging her.
The resourceful cop works out of her bonds, only to be recaptured & chloroformed. Next, acting as a hooker in an undercover sting, the cocky girl ends up trapped in a hotel room with a sex crazed psycho who finds her hidden wire. Soon she is cruelly gagged with winds of tape and bound to a stool, where the creep exacts hours of cruel torment on her soft body.
Katherine relates case after case (most of which end up with the girl tightly trussed & gagged), not knowing that in the audience waits a culprit from her past. As she leaves the auditorium, he attacks her, rendering her helpless and then taking winds of rope to hold her still plus a mouth of dry cloth to choke back her cries. Soon Katherine is tossed into a smelly trunk - for her last patrol???
Next, A.J. is Officer Jenny Lewis - a new recruit who stumbles on a corrupt officer's plan to rob the station's evidence locker. Her discovery gets her handcuffed & tape gagged - which she escapes from until she is caught BY HER OWN PARTNER who is in on the scheme. Bound with biting rope & silenced with winds of cloth, Jenny is tossed into a cell to think over her dilemma.
Leaving no witnesses, the men toss the slim girl into their car and take her to a quiet woods. There coils of rope hold her to a rough tree. Hours pass, and her sobs are rewarded with just a fresh gag between her pink lips. She grows weaker as the sun beats down on her moist uniform - her mind filled with the misery of betrayal at the closest level.....
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BOUND IN BLUE is 90+ Minutes of Digital VHS color & sound. This film contains chloroforming, EXTENSIVE on screen tying, gagging, and nudity. You must be 18 years of age to order. BOUND IN BLUE is just $34.95 which includes U.S. PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING All Major Credit Cards as well as Money Orders & Checks accepted - International Air Mail PLEASE ADD $5.00